Why should you trust anything in this course?

After 7 years of getting paid to run outbound campaigns for hundreds of b2b companies, I’ve learned this:

There’s an art to building a list of genuine “starving prospects” and writing them emails so persuasive that 45% of them stop what they’re doing and reply… and then eagerly wait for your response.

Problem is, sales teams and entrepreneurs that don’t understand basic outbound sales principals (and social psychology) end up so ashamed with their measly reply rates that they shut down their cold email campaign and go off searching for yet another way to book meetings with their tail between their legs.

Meanwhile, that pesky competitor who’s managed to crack this process is getting greedy and booking call after call -- with your prospects.

Fact: It’s not that hard.

Not only will this course make you a master of cold outreach -- it will show you how to automate the entire process so you can focus on closing deals and scaling your company.

By now, your “bullshit detector" should be going off at level 10…

...Unless you’ve heard one of the 150+ episodes from the Cold Email Outreach Show. 

Because if you’ve heard Jeremy and I cover prospecting, email copywriting, technical deliverability and sales psychology with guests like -- John Carlton, James Schramko or Nathanial Bibby -- then you probably think this stuff isn’t teachable.

But it is. 

In fact, after 8 modules on cold email, you’ll be able to turn your campaigns around and get staggering, make-your-colleagues-look-at-you-like-a-sales-god, reply rates from any prospect on your list.

But don’t take my word for it.

“I considered myself to be fairly sophisticated in terms of cold email but your course takes things to a completely different level altogether.

It was a brilliant course. The week on sales research and the upfront work that can be done there to target prospects more effectively blew my mind.”

-Damien Deighan, CEO, Data Science Talent

“I LOVED the course. It was by far the best course on cold outbound I've ever taken. There's been some crappy one's but this was awesome. 

We mapped out the entire process in a process map... Now we're starting to build out the flows to automate the process.”

-Chris Brisson, CEO & Co-Founder Salesmessage.com

Austin Damon

B2B Lead Generation Agency Founder

Why is this so cheap? Any catch I need to know about?

Today, it's $497.

But this course is going to sell for $1,997. There’s enough value in one of the eight modules to justify a price of 10X that. I mean, the ability to build a list of dream customers and then get them to reply with interest is a skill that has made our client’s tens of millions of dollars in revenue -- just last year.

But you’re getting it for $497 today because -- and here’s the “catch” -- we’re still updating content for another few weeks!

Yes, we’ll be adding more premium content to the course over the coming weeks. So you get it at the lowest price since it’s not quite finished. But don’t worry, you’ll get lifetime access to any walkthrough videos, exclusive podcast “brainstorm sessions” and sales training, we publish of course. 

Basically, we want our hard-core podcast fans to have a chance to get this ground-level pricing. So there’s no excuses if you’ve been looking for a reliable, yet affordable way to drum up interested leads at will.

Learn everything you need to know to get more than 20% reply rates, including:

-How to develop a winning cold email mindset that will force you to exceed your monthly quota without burning out, even if you’re new to sales, prospecting, writing emails or rejection.

-The new rules for cold email set up and deliverability so your emails stay out of the spam folder in 2020.

-Sales discovery insights that will help you become the “Sherlock Holmes of Prospecting” and learn how to make prospects thank you for reaching out to them.

Where to find your next 100 customers online in one week whether or not you think you’ve exhausted your list already. No buying lists or expensive software required.

-Little-known cold email copywriting secrets to get responses from anyone, including VIP’s, CEO’s and high-profile decision-makers -- even if you don't have an in-house copywriter or years of copywriting experience.

-Pro-tips for reply handling: How to get from “positive reply” to “closed deal”.

How to use A/B testing to improve your best cold email sequences and keep your email deliverability high.

-How to stay organized and maintain a high close rate when your inbox suddenly becomes flooded with leads after completing the first 7 modules.

-Automation: Boost your productivity by creating processes that scale your cold email efforts without going on a hiring spree.

Still not convinced?

Still not convinced this is for you? (Then you probably haven’t listened to our podcast :)

That’s alright. Here’s the deal: 

There’s a 30-day, 100% guarantee on the Cold Email Outreach Masterclass.

Just follow along and let it force you to do outbound like today’s best agencies that have 6-figure price tags. Then, if you’re not blown away by the results it brings you, just ask for your money back. 

The course is so freaking good, that we’re going to take the risk here. Give it a try and see what it does to your business growth.